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The Black Dahlia Murder Heading into the Studio This Summer

  • Axl Rosenberg

You can set your goddamn watch by Black Dahlia Murder albums — the band releases a new record every two years like clockwork. And since their last album, Nightbringers, came out in 2017, we’re about due.

So it’s not a shock to hear guitarist Brian Eschbach tell Heavy New York that the band is hitting the studio soon:

“We’re writing new music now, and we’re heading into the studio this summer. We’re excited to present some more stuff soon. I don’t think it will have too much to do with the last album, other than it’s the same band playing it. It’s not, like, a sequel or anything like that — just some more Black Dahlia Murder songs.”

Eschbach also addressed the sound of the album, and, shock of shocks, it doesn’t appear as thought BDM are thinking about suddenly interjecting drum loops and clean vocals:

“It’s never really like a conscious efforts to try to do something different or stay the same. I know it’s the same for Brandon [Ellis, guitarist] as it is for me — we just play with our guitars and mess around until something sounds cool, and [there’s] an idea that’s worth fleshing out and seeing what will be the next part and the part after that. We’re not really strategic about it – it just kind of happens. We don’t start writing songs with a goal in mind… It’s not thought-about like that.”

The Black Dahlia Murder have never made a bad album, and there’s no reason to believe they’ll start now. Hopefully we’ll get this thing before the year is out, lest they break their two-years-between-records streak!

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