3Teeth Deliver Industrial Slap to the Face with New Single “Affluenza”


There are some bands — Perturbator, Combichrist, and now 3Teeth — that make me wish I had stepped into the industrial scene earlier, mostly so I could master those crazy rave moves and wear fashionable gas masks on the weekends. But putting my hopes and dreams aside, 3Teeth’s upcoming album, Metawar, is sounding like it’s going to be a banger with each new single further inspiring hope.

“Affluenza,” the album’s third single, is boisterous and weighted with serious moments of oomph. The track’s initial seconds offer pounding guitar riffs that leave you breathless from the beginning, transcending into a wonderland that meshes the best of metal and electronica for a surefire slap to the face. When this album comes out I’m committing myself to attend an abandoned warehouse rave, so if you live in Texas and know of one please invite me. I’ll bring the snacks!

Metawar is set for release on July 5 and can be pre-ordered here.

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