Metallica May Be Planning a Garage Inc. 2


Would you be stoked for a second edition of the Metallica covers collection Garage Inc.Garage Inc. 2: Still Comma-Free, or whatever it would be called? I can’t imagine why you would be (spent a lot of time with ‘Tallica’s take on “Loverman” recently, have you?). But there are a lot of things I can’t imagine people being interested in that Metallica fans subsequently lap up with a spoon, so maybe you are! Then again, sometimes Metallica do something and their fans really don’t care. But let’s pretend for the sake of conversation that you would indeed be chuffed for Garage Inc. 2: What, No Valet?.

This being the case, you’ll be delighted to learn that Metallica recently answered a bunch of fan questions for Kerrang!, and in the process of doing so, this happened:

“Aran from Leicester asked Lars if Metallica were going to make ‘Garage Inc. 2,’ which songs would they cover? To which the drummer replied ‘Wait and see…’”

Some fans are interpreting Lars’ answer as 100% rock-solid confirmation that Metallica are earnestly planning to make Garage Inc. 2: Car Park Ltd., and not, say, a cutesy way to move past the question quickly. I guess time will tell.

For the sake of fun, though, let’s pretend that someday Metallica make Garage Inc. 2: Newsted Wept. What song would you wanna see them cover? Everyone make a suggestion in the comments section below. Here’s mine. Eat my shorts if you don’t like it.

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