Flub (Rivers of Nihil, Alterbeast, ex-Vale of Pnath) Stream Self-Titled Album


My thought process on California-based death metallers Flub proceeded as follows: 1) Flub? That sounds like some sort of gelatinous mass. 2) Well, the line-up features the drummer from Rivers of Nihil as well as members of Alterbeast and ex-Vale of Pnath so something’s gotta give on this album. 3) *Hits play* Oh fuck, that’s tasty.

Last month, we exclusively debuted Flub’s single, “Blossom,” off their self-titled record, and now we’re here to deliver the album in its entirety. Flub kinda sound like The Faceless, but with more exhilarating moments that combine “catchy melodies, pulverizing grooves, and ravenous brutality” (press copy) all packaged up in a neat technical death metal package. The band skillfully weaves metal in with elements that cross genres such as cumbia, jazz fusion and classical, and being the Mexican that I am, you need say no more than cumbia and technical death metal in one sentence to get me 100% there.

Despite the various elements present in every song, Flub’s self-titled album never feels overwhelming and always hits the right feels at exactly the right times. Flub. It sounds like a gelatinous mass, but it’s really just a beautiful band. The album is out now and can be ordered here and streamed in full below.

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