Rob Zombie Releases Three Tracks from the 3 from Hell Score


We don’t know when Rob Zombie’s 3 from Hell is coming out. Shit, we’ve seen a trailer, and we still barely know what the fucking movie is about, other than that it’s a sequel to House of 1,000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects.

But we do know this: the movie is gonna have a killer score, courtesy of Rob Zombie and Zeuss (who has produced albums for Zombie, Hatebreed, Revocation, The Acacia Strain, and a thousand other cool bands). If you dig the dark, moody, dare we say seedy synth scores for genre films of the ’70s and ’80s, you will friggin’ love this shit:

Speaking of not really knowing the actual plot of this movie… Kerrang! astutely notes that the motherfucking drop dead gorgeous cover art (below) for the vinyl edition of the score may clue us into at least one key story point:

“For example, it looks like the three in question are Baby (Sheri Moon), Otis (Bill Mosley), and new character Winslow Coltrane (played by Richard Brake, famous for his portrayal of the Night King in Game Of Thrones). Meanwhile, Sid Haig’s infamous Captain Spaulding only appears on the back of the record.”

I find this development troubling. Haig’s portrayal of Captain Spaulding is just, MWAH!, a performance for the ages.

And you may recall, there was a time when it wasn’t even clear if he was in the movie or not. At that time, we speculated that the third of the 3 from Hell could be a new character; finding out we might be right is disappointing. Who the crap is Winslow Coltrane? How did he get roped into this when he wasn’t present in the previous movies? Is the answer just “Because Richard Brake is in all of Rob Zombie’s movies now, like a dude version of Sheri Moon Zombie?” And just where is Captain Spaulding if he’s not re-joining the old gang?

We’ll find out whenever the shit this thing gets released. In the meantime, peep this beaut:

Waxworks, who will release the vinyl, will also release vinyl editions of the soundtracks for the previous two movies in the franchise, and their cover art is just as impressive:


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