Rwake Rweturn, Demoing First New Album in Eight Years


Oh Rwake, where art thou? It’s been eight years since the Arkansas outfit released a new album (not counting the 2015 re-release of their 1998 demoXenoglossalgia: The Last Stage of Awareness). Which is a goddamn shame, because the band’s brand of ritualistic backwoods doom was truly unique. Most metal bands would kill to sound as truly terrifying as Rwake.

Luckily, Rwake vocalist Christopher Terry — commonly known just as “CT” to fans, and also of Iron Tongue acclaim — tells Doomed & Stoned that Rwake are aiming to finally release a follow-up to 2011’s Rest sometime Donald Trump’s second term:

“Rwake, we have a whole album written, recorded basically. Not recorded to put out, but like a demo… You know, we have to figure out how we’re going to do it as a band. Reid [Raley, bassist] is busy all the time. If he’s not touring in his other bands, which they tour a lot, he is constantly on the road. He’s a real busy dude! Our other guitarist, John [Judkins], lives in Nashville, Tennessee or Murphysboro. So it’s tough for Rwake to get it going, but it’s there when we can figure it out. We’ve all put it on our radar for 2020.”

This is a fairly common story we hear from metal bands, and it’s understandable enough. Let’s just all be grateful that there is possibly, likely, hopefully new Rwake in our future, regardless of when it finally arrives.

While we continue to wait patiently, I know eight years is a long time in the metalsphere, and surely some of our younger readers don’t really remember Rwake at all. To these readers I say: DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND GET TO KNOW THIS BAND! They are the real deal shit. I always start people off with 2007’s Voices of Omens, because I think it remains the band’s strongest work to date, but really, you can start anywhere and you won’t go wrong.

[via Metal Injection]

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