Violent Video of Vektor’s David DiSanto Assaulting His Wife Has Surfaced


In a series of posts to social media, Katy DiSanto, the wife of Vektor vocalist/guitarist David DiSanto, has accused her husband of a consistent pattern of violent and abusive behavior.

(Warning: this post contains violent depictions of domestic abuse.)

Katy has shared a minute-long video she filmed with her cell phone that shows David picking up Katy and throwing her, loudly verbally berating her and throwing a pillow at her face while she quietly cries, after which sounds can be heard of someone (presumably David) hitting something off-camera very hard. A caption accompanying the video states that the couple was arguing because “he let his dog go to the bathroom in the house and was refusing to clean it up.” A separate photo shows a door with four holes in it, with the caption “I was later reminded ‘it could have been my face.’”

The video also shows photos of two court documents. One document, filed in Philadelphia, appears to be a lawsuit against David in family court. The other is a Temporary Protection From Abuse Order that was issued against David this past Tuesday, June 11th, 2019. According to Katy, David is currently “out of the house for now.” Katy credits the Women Against Abuse organization for their help with her legal matters.

In a separate post, Katy describes in detail several incidents of abuse perpetrated by David against her which she says were fueled by his alcoholism. Among her allegations are that David stole their wedding money because he’d been fired from his job for showing up hungover too many times, that he strangled her in a San Antonio hotel room until another room called the cops, that he sexually assaulted her in Salt Lake City then locked her in a basement and told her not to talk about it, and that he vandalized the couple’s house with spray paint and insisted she clean it up. She also claims he regularly lied about his drinking and hid bottles of booze, drove drunk on numerous occasions and often flew into jealous rages over perceived infractions.

“The warning signs were there from the beginning, but my optimism and his manipulative love-bombing overshadowed them again and again.

“I should’ve known when he stole our wedding money and spent it on booze because he’s been fired from his job for showing up hungover too many times (or not at all). I should’ve known from the compulsive and incessant lying. I should’ve known when he strangled me in that San Antonio hotel room until my cries for help prompted another room to call the cops. I should’ve known the handful of times he claimed he was sobering up – until I inevitably found all the empty liquor bottles and beers cans he’d been hiding.

“I should’ve known from that time I was sexually assaulted in SLC and he locked me in a basement and told me not to talk about it. I should’ve known when he showed preference to other women just to try and make me upset. I should’ve known from the literally thousands of times I was told that his indiscretions and abuse were my own fault. I should’ve known when he tried to rape me. I should’ve known when he smacked me across the face with his phone. I should’ve known when he slapped me and threw me against the wall because i tried to move his beer. I should’ve known when he picked up in the air, slammed me on our bed, and hit me over the head as hard as he could with a cushion.

“I should’ve known when he’d fly into jealous rages, fabricate scenarios, and punish me for things *I never did or said* (things that existed only in his imagination, but had real life consequences). I should’ve known when he punched holes in our bedroom door and later justified it by saying I should calm down, and it could’ve been my face. I should’ve known when he locked my dog outside in below-freezing temperatures for over an hour. I should’ve known when he vandalized our house with spray paint and told me to clean it up. I should’ve known when I was standing the police station at 2am, trembling, filing a report but begging them not to arrest him because I had no money I’d lose everything if he went to jail again. I should’ve known when he repeatedly abandoned his own dog so he could stay out and get drunk. I should’ve known when the dozens of times he put our lives in danger by picking me up from work drunk – and the hundreds of times he’s put other people in danger by driving drunk (sometimes to the point of blacking out) all over town while it’s his right to do so.

“I should’ve known every time he weaponized other people as tools of abuse – falsely claiming others did or said things in attempts to undermine or humiliate me. I should’ve known every time he left me crushed, crying, alone, confused, then apologized and did it all again.”

Both posts are embedded below. MetalSucks has reached out to both parties for comment.



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