Watch: Metallica’s Kirk Hammett and Rob Trujillo Badly Cover Iron Maiden’s “Killers”


It’s a good thing Kirk Hammett and Rob Trujillo announced a special concert next month at which the duo will play only classic covers, which they’ve made a habit of performing as “doodles” at Metallica’s recent shows. Because those doodles are soooooo amazing! How could anyone miss this opportunity…

… oh wait, right, I forgot, they’re absolutely terrible. Their live covers of PrinceCeltic FrostSabbathPriest, etc. — difficult to watch, impossible to get through all the way. Cringeworthy.

To drive that point home, Hammett and Trujillo performed Iron Maiden’s “Killers” the other night in London while Lars and James took a break, and man… no no no no, nothing about this is good! Kirk’s right hand can’t work fast enough to keep up with the rhythm of the guitar riff, the vocals are all over the place, Kirk and Rob are out of time with one another… yikes all around.

But hey, have fun watching a full set of this in Canada next month if that’s what you’re into!

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