Crypt Sermon: Still Awesome


Crypt Sermon’s full-length debut, Out of the Garden, was one of my most favoritest albums of 2015. So it is with no small amount of delight that I report the Philadelphia doom crew will release their sophomore effort, The Ruins of Fading Light, this fall… and if the first single, “Key of Solomon,” is any indication, it will be at least as kick-ass as Garden. At least.

‘Cause “Solomon” has everything that made Garden great, and then some: slithering, seductive doom riffs, writhing vocals, a visceral guitar solo, and a hook so big it would split a whale’s head open. If you’re into Pallbearer and you’re not listening to Crypt Sermon, you are really screwing yourself over, bud.

Check out “Key of Solomon” below. The Ruins of Fading Light comes out September 13 on Dark Descent. There don’t seem to be pre-orders yet but those are surely coming soon.

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