Exclusive Track Premiere: “Ugly on the Inside” by Pitiless


What’s in a name? In the case of Pitiless, everything. For in the case of this Toronto duo — guitarist/bassist/programmer Matt DeMille and lyricist/screamer Christopher J. Gramlich (Vilipend, Ancress) — the adjective isn’t just a moniker… it’s a warning. Pitiless do not show mercy.

Take their new song “Ugly on the Inside”: after opening with an especially cynical dialogue sample from the movie Aliens, it explodes into two minutes of pulverizing death-grind so grotesque you’ll thank your maker this isn’t the band’s idea of “ugly on the outside.” Taking lyrical inspiration from the nightmarish work of Polish painter Zdzisław Beksiński, even “Ugly”‘s final two minutes of white noise don’t feel like a reprieve so much as they do that slow-motion moment that you experience just before something truly horrific occurs.

So strap yourself in somewhere safe and crank “Ugly on the Inside” as loud as you can below. The track will appear on Pitiless’ new EP, Amaranthine, the rest of which, we can assure you, is every bit as furious and disgusting as this song. It comes out July 26; pre-order it here. The band also has a show with Fister coming up on August 4 at Toronto’s Bovine Sex Club!

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