Poll: It’s 2019… Do You Still Care About Limp Bizkit?


One of the news item on the desks of your intrepid Editors-in-Chief this morning — laid there meticulously by longtime MS Mansion Monkey Higgins — was a video of Limp Bizkit performing a new song called “Wastoid” this past weekend in Paris, France.

Vince looked because he was curious. Axl watched because he’s a masochist. You watched, too, because you just couldn’t help it. These facts are indisputable. Shockingly, it sounded a whole lot like Limp Bizkit.

But once the circus sideshow element of new Limp Bizkit music is gone — that is to say, once the first single has been fully and properly released and the dust has settled from the elephants circling ’round the ring — will you still care? Will anyone? Does new Limp Bizkit music fare any chance of having an impact beyond the band’s core fanbase, if it even makes an impact there?

Put another way, who are Limp Bizkit’s fans in 2019? The band can clearly still pull a live crowd — as can many bands of yesteryear — but are these folks simply reveling in nostalgia or do they have a vested interested in new material? Moreso than any of their late ’90s nu-metal peers, Limp Bizkit were products of a very specific time and place, and it remains to be seen if even the ever-powerful nostalgia train can steamroll through the taint of what the band became.

What better way to find out than to ask what YOU think? Vote below and, as usual, feel free to elaborate on your position in the comments.

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