Watch: Limp Bizkit Perform Part of a New Song Live


Sure, nu-metal nostalgia is in full swing, and yeah, absence makes the heart grow fonder (it’s now been eight years since the band’s last album), but to what extent will anyone truly care about new Limp Bizkit music? I’m not talking about a curious look: I mean actually caring. I’m sure the band has a small legion of die-hards anxiously following their every move, but does new LB music stand any chance of breaking beyond that? Or have they crossed over into legacy status, able to collect lucrative paychecks at live gigs for the rest of their lives where the fans will shell out good money to hear the jams of their youth?

Whatever the case, it seems Limp Bizkit are pressing ahead with new music: at the band’s show in Paris, France this past Saturday (July 6th), Limp Bizkit opened their set with a hefty section of a brand new song allegedly called “Wastoid” (not sure the source of that title or if it’s accurate). You can check that out in the below fan-filmed video, which sees the band segue into “Why Try”… and I suppose we’ll see how this video does and use that as a barometer, although the curiosity factor will surely always be high with this band. It sounds like Limp Bizkit, with lots of silly Fred Durst-isms, and as usual Wes Borland’s playing is the most interesting thing about it. Your thoughts, please?

[via Metal Injection]

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