Geoff Tate Thinks Queensryche and Drummer Scott Rockenfield are Embroiled in a Lawsuit


Former Queensryche single Geoff Tate knows a thing or two about lawsuits, having been involved a fairly lengthy and nasty one (aren’t they all?) when he settled his split from the band back in 2014. He also knows a helluva lot about Queensryche and their inner workings, having spent 30 years with the band (albeit with many different members over the years).

That said, Tate may still hold onto resentment against his former bandmates, so take all of the following with a big spoonful of salt…

In a new interview with Greg Schmitt of 88.1FM WESU’s radio show “Noize In The Attic,” Tate was asked if he knows anything about estranged Queensryche drummer Scott Rockenfield. Rockenfield took some time off in 2017 following the birth of his son, but what was originally slated to be a few months — with Kamelot’s Casey Grillo filling in — has now turned into two and a half years, with members of the band even saying they have no idea what’s up with him or when he’ll return. And now we may know why: Tate says there’s a lawsuit:

“Well, I can tell you that I’m pretty sure he didn’t leave on his own accord. I can tell you that there’s lawsuits involved; I know that… He’s in kind of a really dark place, and I hope he gets some help, ’cause he’s really unraveled, you know? In my opinion. It’s too bad — he’s an incredibly talented drummer, and unfortunately, he never was happy with that. It wasn’t good enough for him.”

While Tate presents his case in certain terms, let’s not get too carried away until we hear anything from Rockenfield or anyone in or directly connected to the current version of Queensryche: like I said, resentment could still linger. Any potential lawsuit could also be over any number of things, from payments to royalties to his absence to who the fuck knows what.

That said, if what Tate is saying about Rockenfield being “in kind of a really dark place” and needing help is true, that would certainly explain the extended absence, and we too hope he gets help. But, once again, Tate is hardly an authority on such issues, saying in the same interview that he hasn’t spoken to Scott since 2012, so the above could simply amount to Tate looking for reasons to paint his former bandmate in a negative light. We’ve all been there with ex-bandmates, former friends and ex-lovers, haven’t we?

Hopefully someone will come forward soon to shed some light on the issue. In the meantime, have a listen to “Blood of the Levant” from Queensryche’s most recent (and quite decent!) album The Verdict below.

[via Blabbermouth]

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