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The Original Misfits Tease New York City Show


Update, 2:18 p.m.: This show has been officially announced. It will take place on October 19 at Madison Square Garden. Support will come from Rancid and the Damned.

Original story follows below.

I admit, with only a slight sting in my pride, that MetalSucks’ hypothesis regarding the remaining number of Misfits reunion shows appears to have been incorrect. Cue the violins play a funereal version of “Die, Die, My Darling”!

As you may recall, legal documents outlining the settlement over a trademark dispute between founding members Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only suggested that the duo, billed as ‘The Original Misfits,’ would “perform no fewer than ten (10) Misfits reunion shows to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the band.” With nine shows already announced at that point, the presumed lingering hatred between Danzig and Only, and Danzig’s assertion that “there’s not gonna be many more” of the reunion gigs, we concluded that this iteration of the Misfits would likely call it a day after a tenth show.

But then gigs in Oakland and Vegas were announced, bringing the count up to eleven… and now there’s this tweet from the New York City division of Live Nation, which all but says that the group is playing NYC sometime in the near future:

So when all is said and done, there will have been at least twelve Original Flavor Misfits reunion shows. At least! Honestly, I’d think they’d play an uneven thirteen shows before finally calling it a day, because, well, the number thirteen, y’know?

In any case, the moral of the story is, people will almost always put aside their loathing of one another in the name of making buckets and buckets of money. The world is a miraculous place.

[via The PRP]

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