Poll: Are You More Tired of Hearing About Tool or Slipknot?


MetalSucks has turned into SlipknotSucks and ToolSucks today. As if that’s much different from any other day, when Corey Taylor farts and we line up behind his ass to sniff furiously before pumping out 200-300 words on the matter filled with flowery adjectives of adoration in our ongoing quest for ultimate dominance in click$. But today even moreso than usual, whatwith the Tool new album artwork frenzy and streaming debut on top of it all.

It’s been a long ride to this point for both bands, who will each release long-awaited new albums this month. So: which are you more tired of seeing in the headlines? Which inspires your eyes to roll farther back in your end when their name appears in your feed? Which has become the most cringey? No waffling here: you must choose one or the other! VOTE like your clicks depended on it.

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