Tobias Forge Reveals Why Ghost Aren’t As Sp00ky As They Used To Be


While Ghost still have an over-the-top, attention-grabbing presentation, it’s notably less creepy than it was in the past. Are you one of the millions of fans wondering why Ghost aren’t as kvlt as they used to be?

Don’t worry, Tobias Forge has answers. In an interview with The Metal Voice, he explains what led to the loss of their demonic presence:

“I’d say it was very organic. I think that a lot of the more clandestine veils that sort of shrouded the early times in a sort of a little bit of mist was the fact that we were playing very small places, and that just added to the atmosphere. Whereas a part of growing, doing bigger shows, and having a little bit more time and, I guess, a little bit more funds to put into the show means added illumination. And also, you know, in the early days we did, like, 30-40 minutes of playing and there wasn’t a whole lot of talk because we were playing most of the time, but we’re performing songs whereas now we’re playing two hours, two and a half hours sometimes.”

TL;DR: they sold out. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but he’s right when he says it’s hard to maintain a dark, occult appearance when you’re one of the biggest metal bands in the world. Imagine that.

You can catch Ghost and their less spooky but still awesome production on tour this fall both in Europe and in North America.

[via Ultimate Guitar]

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