Megadeth are Launching Another Beer, Saison 13


Megadeth teamed up with Unibroue to produce their very own beer, Á Tout le Monde, back in 2016. That beer must’ve been a success, ’cause the brewery and classic thrashers are uniting again, this time for a Belgian-styled saison called Saison 13.

Why Megadeth would choose to reference their 2011 album Thirteen rather than basically anything else in their catalogue is beyond me. Why not call the thing Risk or Super Collider?

In any case, the beer is already available at select locations in Canada and is coming to the U.S. in September. I remember thinking Á Tout le Monde was decent when I tried it, and with the same folks behind Saison 13 I’m confident this one’ll be good too.

Speaking of potential Megadeth product collabs, there’s a real missed opportunity with a ‘Deth-branded toilet plunger called the Pooper Collider. Just sayin’.

Megadeth are currently writing their next record, although Dave Mustaine’s recent throat cancer diagnosis has put a damper on those efforts.

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