Country Star Keith Urban and Actress Nicole Kidman Attended an Iron Maiden Show and LOVED IT


Metal: it’s for everybody! Especially when we’re talking about Iron Fucking Maiden, whose live shows you’d have to be a certified member of the No Fun Club (aka most black metal musicians) to not enjoy, whatwith Bruce Dickinson’s antics, Janick Gers’ leg kicks, Eddie’s theatrics and plenty of FIRE.

Country star Keith Urban and actress Nicole Kidman — they’re married — attended Maiden’s show on Monday night, August 19, in Nashville, TN, and Urban took to Instagram shortly afterward to enthusiastically GUSH about the experience and, naturally, to share a photo he took with the band:

“To the entire @ironmaiden team- 

“where do i begin?……. You were ALL beyond hospitable- and quite honestly it was a surreal dream come true for me (us) to meet you guys- AND then when u hit the stage….???- HOLY SHIT…… I told Nic [Nicole Kidman] ‘you wanna see THE MASTERS?- here they are’… and you delivered a fucking ATOMIC EXPLOSION of EVERYTHING that makes you THE GREATEST. The playing- the arrangements- the set list- the sound, the lighting- EDDY!!!!- and BRUUUUUUUUCE- good God man- you’re super human. 


I mean, the man isn’t wrong, right? Maiden’s performances are absolutely ineffable. Read my thoughts on the incredible show in NYC last month for more on that and get remaining tour dates here.

Jam Keith Urban’s “The Fighter” (featuring Carrie Underwood) below as you ponder his love of Maiden. Thanks to longtime Friend O’ MetalSucks Zena T for sending in this tip!

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