Slipknot’s Corey Taylor on Tortilla Man Identity Theories: “None of ’Em Have Been Right So Far”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Who is Slipknot’s new percussionist? The world has taken to calling him ‘Tortilla Man,’ which sounds like the name of the world’s worst superhero. Guesses as to his true identity thus far include Clown’s kid, Clown’s friend, and this clown.

But Corey Taylor says none of these postulations are correct! Speaking to SiriusXM’s Eddie Trunk’s Trunk Nation, Corey said about the theories:

“I’ve seen a couple of things, and none of ’em have been right so far. I’m loving it, dude.”

Although Corey then tacitly admitted he could be full of poo — because according to the singer, “Even if somebody gets it right, we’re not gonna confirm it.”

“For us, it’s more about getting the band out there. Because, to be honest, the one thing that kind of reminded us that the band is more important is that even after the album came out, people were still into the band no matter who was in it.

“So, to us, it’s a reminder that the band is more important than worrying about conjecture about who ‘Tortilla Guy’ is. So we just basically politely answer those questions, but never fully commit to any correct answers.”

 So even if the Internet correctly figures out that Tortilla Man is Clown’s gardener or whatever, the band wouldn’t admit it. So his statement that none of the guesses thus far have been correct is suspect — I mean, he just all but said “Don’t trust us on this issue.” So who knows what’s what.

On another note, I really appreciate this part of the interview:

“I did an interview with Rock Feed news like a week ago or so, and I said that it was Tito Puente. And people who had never heard of Tito Puente were, like, ‘Oh my God! He totally revealed who [it is].’ I’m, like, ‘Are you kidding?’ It is amazing the level of ridiculousness that not only permeates this band but permeates the fandom of this band. I’m just sitting back going, ‘I’ll feed you guys whatever.’ I mean, it’s beautiful.” 

Speaking as the guy who wrote the piece about Joey Jordison being fired via singing telegram that a ton of people lapped up as factual when it was so obviously a joke, I can relate: it is indeed amazing the level of ridiculousness that permeates Slipknot fandom.

[via The PRP]

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