Devin Townsend Offers Updates on Ziltoid Video Game, $10 Million Symphony About Dicks and Vaginas, Upcoming Tour Plans and More


Oh, to be a neuron inside the mind of Devin Townsend — it must just be pure creative chaos in there, with one idea floating by after the next in unrestrained abandon, riffs, symphonies, penises, vaginas, and witty jabs all swirling around in glorious harmony.

One such idea, you may recall, was a video game based on Townsend’s infamous Ziltoid character. Townsend revealed the app/game was in the works in early 2018 and then Empath happened and we never heard of it again.

Until now! As part of one of his patented Twitter dumps, Townsend gave an update on the game (among other topics, which we’ll get to in a bit) that basically amounts to “yeah, sorry guys, I lost the passion for it, maybe I’ll finish it soon.”

Makes total sense, and we certainly wouldn’t want a half-assed Devin project of any kind anyway.

You may also remember that Townsend at one point rather extensively teased a symphony about dicks and vaginas which he said would cost $10 million to bring to life in the way he envisioned. That has also been on the backburner during the Empath cycle, but he seems more motivated to return to it than he does the Ziltoid game. Says His Strappingness on that project, titled The Moth:

First, though, a 5.1 surround mix of Empath, then a bunch of touring:

The “touring bands” Devin alludes to are the several different lineups he plans to tour with through 2020, each to achieve a different vibe and play different material from his catalogue. Some of those tours, he has said, will even include the dusting off of Strapping Young Lad material. And then the full Empath tour comes in 2021.

And as if all that wasn’t enough, Devin continues to write new material completely separate from all of that!

That sure is a lot, but we are most certainly here for it. I just pity Devin’s poor manager whose job it is to wrangle in all the moving parts for everything; hats off to you, whoever you are! And his family. Lord, can you imagine growing up in a house with that man?

Devin promises a more official and complete update this week.

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