Prophets of Rage Take on American Gun Violence With New Song “Pop Goes the Weapon”


Given that Herr Trump promised the end of “American carnage,” we sure do continue to have a lot of gun deaths in this country. It’s like America is in severe need of the world’s largest, most morbid ‘X DAYS SINCE LAST ACCIDENT’ sign. Only, of course, these shootings are not accidents.

Prophets of Rage call attention to the horrifying statistics on gun deaths in this country with their new single and video, “Pop Goes the Weapon.” The clip includes a list of the dates, number of people killed, and number of people injured in every shooting this year alone, right up until this past Monday, when a 14-year-old used a 9 mm handgun to murder his entire family, including his six-month-old brother and two other infant siblings, in Elkmont, AL. The list moves at a fairly brisk pace, and it’s still long enough to fill nearly the entire two-and-a-half minute run time of the song.

The images beneath the list, which includes footage taken from mass shootings, is also harrowing.


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