Video Surfaces of Security Guard Punching a Fan at Iron Maiden’s Tacoma Show


Things turned violent at Iron Maiden’s show in Tacoma on Thursday night, September 5, when a security guard up front assaulted a fan, allegedly resulting in head wounds. Bruce Dickinson stopped the show and gave a nearly two-minute address to the crowd in which he encouraged the fan to sue the venue and asked anyone with video of the incident to contact the band.

Video has finally surfaced of the event, and while it doesn’t paint a clear picture of what sparked the assault, it does visibly show a guard reaching over the barricade to punch a fan several times, followed by a scrum of security staff converging on the scene.

The video also shows the fan punching the security guard. And what’s more, a police report obtained from the Tacoma PD by TMZ says that the fan was intoxicated, had been causing problems with other fans, and was asked to leave but refused. The guard allegedly called for police assistance and the 26-year-old man was eventually removed and charged with assault. He refused medical attention.

You can watch footage of the fight below, starting at the 3:10 mark, and underneath that, footage of Bruce’s address to the crowd.

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