Incubus Asked Iron Maiden to Borrow Eddie Stage Prop


In a recent interview with Forbes, Incubus vocalist Brandon Boyd and guitarist Mike Einziger revealed that every two years or so they ask Iron Maiden to borrow the Seventh Son of a Seventh Son stage production from the late ’80s including, of course, the band’s legendary mascot, Eddie. The duo revealed they were both massive fans of Maiden growing up, and explained their goal of some day taking Eddie out on their own stage:

Einziger: “One of our longtime production team members used to work with Iron Maiden and we asked if we could borrow Eddie.”

Boyd: “We do it every two years and they said no every time. Right around every two years we ask Iron Maiden if we can take their Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son tour production out, cause it’s just sitting there in storage, and they say no. We’re gonna ask. It’s like the woman you love and you profess your love to. You keep asking her to marry you and she keeps saying no. One of these days she might change her mind.”

Einziger: “The first time we asked was a really long time ago, like 2000, 2001. We’re like, ‘They’ll let us do it, right?’ No.”

Boyd: “We’re a big band now, we want Iron Maiden‘s stuff (crack up).”

Will someone in the Maiden camp please grant Incubus’s wish? Dio knows the band could use a kick a pants these days to lull them out of Adult Alternative land.

Incubus are currently on tour celebrating the 20th anniversary of their breakthrough album, Make Yourself.

[via The PRP]

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