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Video: Sebastian Bach and Rob Affuso Reunite to Perform Skid Row’s “Makin’ a Mess” in NYC


Sebastian Bach’s Skid Row¬†thirtieth anniversary tour skidded (skid rolled?) into Manhattan’s Sony Hall last night, and Vince and I went, natch. It was a fun show! Also, kind of a weird one. Baz spent a lot of time talking shit, often about his successors in Skid Row (“Dragonforce… what the fuck is that shit?”), and joking about how old he and his fans have all gotten, promising to have everyone home and in bed by 11 p.m. so they could watch Forensic Files. There was also a monitor on-stage behind him that cycled through vintage Skid Row videos, all with the band’s other members noticeably edited out (“I think I saw Rachel Bolan’s elbow,” Vince noted), and photos of the singer in his youth with various other notable stars of the era, who he often stopped to point out (“That’s me and Tom Holland from Aerosmith!” (he meant Tom Hamilton) “That’s me and Ozzy! Let’s hear it for Ozzy! OZ-ZY! OZ-ZY!”), like a senior-aged uncle showing you a slide show after vacation. Strangest of all may have been the decision to employ only one guitarist (Skid Row had two, doncha know), and effectively bury that guitarist in the mix, presumably so as not to overshadow Sebastian himself. Like I said, it was kinda weird, but also fun.

The highlight of the weird, fun, weirdly fun and funnily weird set: a cameo by original Skid Row drummer Rob Affuso, who took over from Bobby Jarzombek (Halford, Fates Warning, etc.) for the song “Makin’ a Mess.” Affuso’s appearance has been rumored since June. Bach extended an open invitation to all of Skid Row’s founding members to come out and jam on the tour, but Affuso was always expected to be the only dude who’d actually take him up on it.

You can check out fan-filmed video of the mini-reunion below, and some pro-shot photos Rob Affuso has shared below that. Sebastian Bach’s Skid Row anniversary tour, on which he plays the album in its entirety (and dips into a few other Skid Row classics for the encore), has dates throughout the rest of the year. Get your tickets here.

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