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Video Premiere: Öxxö Xööx, “Lëïth Säë” (feat. Igorrr Vocalists)


Öxxö Xööx, the unique French avant-garde/experimental doom metal unit, returns with another dizzying masterwork, Ÿ. Today MetalSucks is proud to share the debut single and video from that effort, “Lëïth Säë.”

Featuring the songwriting, instrumentation and vocals of the titular Öxxö Xööx (Laurent Lunoir, ex-Whourkr), the operatic treasure Rïcïnn [Laure Le Prunenec of Corpo-Mente and Igorrr], and live drummer Isarnos (Thomas Jacquelin), Ÿ also sees guest synth guitar processing by cyber metal star and MetalSucks favorite Master Boot Record, whose prior collaboration with Öxxö Xööx we’ve featured in this space.

Similar to Igorrr, Öxxö Xööx is an assault on the senses that combines frenetic metal blasts, heavy synths and both operatic and growled vocals. Laurent tells MetalSucks of “Lëïth Säë:”

“In my language ‘Lëïth’ means ‘light’ and ‘Säë’ means ‘spirit,’ which means ‘luminous spirit.’ It acts as a continuation of ‘Nöc Säë’ (from Rëvëürt) and ‘NS2’ (Nöc Säë 2 from Ÿ). It foremost symbolizes the spirit (or soul) that purifies itself, becoming luminous and restoring sanity after experiencing darkness. It is the spirit that becomes aware of the troubles of material reality, and makes an effort to purify and tear itself away from this reality and join the original pure light.

I composed the track quickly. It was a time of my life that was very difficult, I was suffocating and felt trapped in darkness, as if I could not get out of a labyrinth… like something wanted me to stay down. When I wrote the song, I had the feeling of freeing myself from all my darkness, I was even feeling it physically, I no longer felt fear, not even of death and leaving the cube (the Earth).

Have a listen for yourself below. Ÿ comes out on November 29 via Blood Music and can be pre-ordered here.

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