Bring Me the Horizon Debut Oli Sykes-Directed Music Video Starring Forest Whitaker


You may recall that a coupla years back, Oscar winner Forest Whitaker made the ultimate sacrifice and took his daughter to see Bring Me the Horizon, thereby winning the coveted Dad of the Year title. But now the actor has upped the ante, starring in the band’s new video, “In the Dark” — which just so happens to be the directorial debut of frontman Oli Sykes. AND he lip syncs the song as part of the performance. Which means that not only did was this national treasure forced to listen to this song on repeat for hours while he learned the words and then again while they shot the clip, but he had to deal with a first time director to boot.

So now Forest gets Father of the Decade.

Oh well. At least Mr. Whitaker can take comfort knowing this is not the worst thing in which he has ever appeared.

Bring Me the Horizon are on tour now. Get dates and tickets here.

[via The PRP]

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