Reunited Misfits Tease Philly Reunion Show

  • Axl Rosenberg

The reunited Misfits, featuring both Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only, played at Madison Square Garden this past weekend, and we were all under the impression that this would be their last show. We were under this impression because in September, Danzig said “No more Misfits shows, except MSG.” Which seemed pretty cut and dry.

Except not so much! The Philadelphia branch of Live Nation has released the below video, which include the Philadelphia Flyers’ horrifying mascot, Gritty, the Misfits logo, and the date 12.14.19. Because the Flyers play at the Wells Fargo Center, the assumption is that the Misfits will play that very arena on December 14.

So why did Danzig say the Misfits reunion would be dunzo after the MSG gig? The cynical answer would be “So as not to discourage any fans within reasonable driving distance of New York City from coming to the MSG show, which, somewhat surprisingly, did not sell out at the same speed as the other reunion shows.” The naive answer would be “He didn’t know there’d be another show at the time he said that and the fact that this latest performance is being teased immediately after the dust has settled on the Garden concert is just a coincidence.” And the optimistic answer would be “I like the taste of crayons! Red is my favoritest.”

We’ll let you know as soon as this show in confirmed. Then we can all speculate on whether or not it will be the for-really-real last show or not.

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