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A Review, Photos and Video of Threatin’s London Comeback Show, One Year Later


Loyal MetalSucks reader Richard (@TheRamblingElf), who originally tipped us off to last year’s failed Threatin tour as it was happening, attended the band’s “comeback” show in London last night, one year to the date after the initial disastrous outing. And according to his detailed Twitter thread of the experience… well… it was something, I’ll say that much.

We’ll post the entire thread at the bottom of this article, but here’s a quick summary: Richard estimates there were approximately 50 people in attendance, most of them journalists (“You can tell they’re all media because no one here looks like they’re enjoying it” and “Everyone here has come alone which is also a dead giveaway”). The stage had a curtain over the front, and when the show started the curtain was pulled down to reveal several animatronic robots with musical instruments and t-shirts bearing slogans such as “fake band” and “I’m not real,” one wearing a shirt that said “BBC News” and was later forced by Jered into a position that intimated it was sucking his dick. In other words: Threatin has fully leaned in to his delusional notion that last year’s failed tour was always intended to go that way as a PR stunt, which he’s been spinning ever since but, as we know, is definitely not the case.

Richard noted that Jered is a skilled guitar player but lacking in the vocal department, and reports that the crowd thinned out considerably after a few songs (the journalists departed once they got their footage, he surmised). Which is a shame, because they missed the grand finale: Threatin himself “destroying” the stage, pulling down his stage banner, and going “nuts” while smashing his robots. Then they walked off, and that was it.

NME noted the following of the audience at the show and general vibe:

“Jered is clearly an accomplished guitarist (his vocals, less so) and his band for the evening are slick, but due to the complete lack of crowd interaction and Jered’s wannabe rockstar swagger, it makes for an uncomfortable watch, even without all the ridiculous pre-cursors. Clearly too uncomfortable for some, as the crowd noticeably thins out throughout.”

Some endeavoring fan filmed the entire 40-minute show and has uploaded it to YouTube. It has 181 views as of press time, and can be watched below:


So: that happened. Jered likely views it as a massive success — 50 is by far the most people this band has ever played for — and as an accomplishment that it attracted so much media. Do you?

You can read Richard’s entire Twitter thread show review, along with more photos and videos, below.

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