New Documentary: “The Rise and Fall of Threatin”


Time is a flat circle and nothing matters, yadda yadda, but isn’t it crazy that the whole Threatin saga that ignited the internet took place almost three years ago? Even Threatin’s heralded return show in London a year later is coming up on its two-year anniversary.

Now the YouTube channel Anomaly Documentaries has decided to take a look back in a 20-minute documentary that retells the entire story, from Jered Threatin’s (né Eames) origins as a musician in rural Missouri to his failed attempt at a European tour — with the spiraling layers of lies and deception that unfolded in the process — through the fall-out and everything that came after.

And it’s a great watch! It’s not so much that there’s any new info here, but it’s fun to re-live the story (especially given my own role in exposing it to the world) and there were even a few parts I’d completely forgotten about, like the fact that the dude created a fake music news website to plant articles about his band (amidst all the other fake entities and personas).

Say… wonder what ol’ Jered’s up to these days? Haven’t heard from him in a while. I’m sure he’s reading this… hi, Jered, miss ya buddy, call yer Uncle Vince soon, OK?

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