Thall! Vildhjarta Resurface with New Track and Album Announcement


After nine long years, Vildhjarta have finally broken their silence and dropped a new song, “Den Helige Anden”, and it came with the news of a 2020 album, Kaos 2. The band spent recent years shrouded in mystery, only appearing once earlier this year to drop 90 seconds of music and then vanish again — until now.

“Den Helige Anden” is a completely catastrophic mixture of metal elements all smashed together into one powerful track. It exists somewhere beyond the realms of traditional genres, in a place where music is tangled together by odd time signatures and earth-shattering screams. The song starts out slow and grinding but eventually catapults into heavy riffs and drilling drum beats. The climaxes happen so fast and frequently, barely leaving room for you to acknowledge that it’s happening before it’s gone again. When the music slows down the screams remain relentlessly powerful, proving that you don’t always need thrashing guitars to feature ear-piercing shrieks. If Vildhjarta’s goal was to create the musical embodiment of chaotic, they nailed it.

All we know right now is Kaos 2 is landing sometime in 2020. Listen to “Den Helige Anden” below.

[via Metal Injection]

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