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Meshuggah are Writing a New Album


A newly released interview with Meshuggah guitarist Mårten Hagström would seem to indicate that the band are currently writing a new album.

The timing is bizarre and the details vague, but in the interview, which was conducted all the way back in May by SiriusXM personality Jose Mangin and released just this past week by Zippo Encore, Hagström said that the band planned to write their next album after the summer’s then-upcoming European festival run. We can extrapolate from that info that the band are currently writing, as the summer is long since gone, but we have no concrete evidence that’s happening other than some indications from Hagström that a few musical ideas had already been traded back and forth between members. Needless to say, that hasn’t stopped Meshuggah fanboys and fangirls the world over from freaking out about the prospect of new music from their heroes.

Explained Hagström about the early phase of writing that had already taken place as of May:

“Right now [drummer Tomas Haake and bassist Dick Lövgren] are working a lot at the studio in Stockholm, and I’m up north in the sticks. So I sit at home and I’m working on my shit. So we send it back and forth, and then I go to Stockholm and we compare stuff to each other. It’s early going still. Every process is kind of its own process and you never know where it’s gonna go.”

At this point it’s way too early to conjecture about a possible release date, but at least Meshuggah fans have something to look forward to at some point in the next couple of years.

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