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Sepultura Release Brutal New Song “Last Time”


Guys, it took 20+ years, but I have finally arrived at this important conclusion: we need to stop busting post-Max Cavalera-era Sepultura’s balls. Yes, they stumbled in the beginning. No, they are not as good as Sepultura were in their heyday. You know who else isn’t as good as they were in their heyday? Max Cavalera. Also, Metallica, Ozzy, and everyone ever. That’s why they are no longer in their heyday.

My kind of rambling point being, the Derrick Green-fronted version of Sepultura has made some solid albums, and it sounds like their latest offering, Quadra, will be another one. The record’s single, “Isolation,” sounded like classic Sep as channeled by Dimmu Borgir. Now there’s this new single, “Last Time.” For 2:12 of its 4:27 run time, the track is speedy and heavy, which is swell. The back half of the song is, for the most part, not as heavy, but it sounds deliciously evil and cinematic. So the whole song is a winner IMO.

Listen to “Last Time” below. Quadra is out February 7. Sepultura go on sepultoura with Sacred Reich and Crowbar starting in March. Tickets go on sale TODAY, December 20th at 10am local time.

[via The PRP]

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