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Slayer’s Kerry King Makes It Clear That He Plans to Create New Music

  • Axl Rosenberg

Having recently put to bed one of the most influential and successful metal bands of all time (that would be Slayer, duh), nobody would blame Kerry King if lived out the rest of his days chillin’ out, watching daytime television, going fishing, enjoying early bird specials, and doing all the other shit retirees do.

But in a new interview with Guitar World about his headline-making switch from B.C. Rich to Dean Guitars, King makes it clear that just ’cause Slayer is done doesn’t mean he’s done, stating that “Dean didn’t sign me for nothing!”

Alas, that’s all the intel King provides; we don’t know if his next outing will be a solo endeavor or the launch of a new band. I have a hard time imagining King concentrating on instrumental music moving forward — his famously chaotic solos just don’t lend themselves to songs that don’t leave them breathing room for more structured material. So maybe it will be something kinda in-between a solo record and a new band, sorta like what Slash has done with Myles Kennedy? Or maybe he’ll go the Santana route and have a whole bunch of guest vocalists contribute to the album? That would be pretty rad — there’s no metal singer in the world who’d refuse to work with King, and there’s no metal fan in the world who wouldn’t be curious to hear what it’d sound like if King were team up with a whole lotta famous folks who aren’t Tom Araya.

I suppose there’s also the possibility that King becomes the latest member of an already-existing band, but that seems less likely. King has been his own boss for more than 35 years, so it’s hard to envision him suddenly taking marching orders for Dave Mustaine or whomever.

While we await some official news, feel free to head to the comments section and speculate recklessly about King’s next move.

[via Kerrang!]

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