Tool Will “Maybe Write Another EP” During Quarantine, Says Drummer Danny Carey


Are you ready for new Tool music less than a year after the band’s 13-years-in-the-making new album Fear Inoculum???

Good, because according to drummer Danny Carey, Tool are maybe, possibly, ostensibly, purportedly, allegedly fixing to start thinking about beginning to let ideas gestate for new music, whatwith everyone locked in their homes with nothing else to do right now.

I kid, of course. What Carey actually said, at the recent Berklee Bass Webinar, is that he hopes once restrictions are eased a little he’ll be able to get together with bassist Justin Chancellor and guitarist Adam Jones to jam on some new ideas. Because Tool are not a band in which members write on their own and send ideas back and forth over the internet.

But of course that’s not gonna stop Tool fanboys and fangirls from freaking out on the internet, nor will it stop sites like ours from running with a juicy headline! Here’s the quote:

“I’m hoping, during this downtime, as soon as we’re able, maybe we’ll get together – Justin [Chancellor, bass] and I, and Adam [Jones, guitar] – maybe start hashing out some new Tool stuff in the meantime, maybe write another EP since we’re down and we can’t do anything else.

“I’m just kind of waiting on that, you know, waiting around but – that’s all I’ve really got going on, you know?”

In other words, the likelihood of such a thing happening — let alone the resulting music coming to market in anything resembling a short amount of time — is very unlikely. Sorry, kiddos!

To remember the better times, here’s the band’s classic video for “Parabola,” which I don’t think I’d ever seen until they finally unveiled their entire catalogue on YouTube last year. My four-year-old is obsessed with it!

[via Ultimate Guitar]

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