Tia Carrera Unveil Hazy New Album, Tried and True

Tia Carrera Unveil Hazy New Album, Tried and True

My history with stoner/psych rock outfit Tia Carrera is both long and hazy. It all started one night at SXSW many moons ago, ’08 or ’09 I’d guess, at that shithole bar on Red River that S.O.D.’s Billy Milano owned (I’m not gonna Google it ’cause that’s no fun… if you know, you know!). Many beers deep into the night, former MS scribe Kip Wingerschmidt convinced me to check ’em out, I obliged, and you know what? I remember thinking they were fucking awesome, but I don’t remember much else. Sometimes memories are best that way! More beer was drank, and probably some whiskey too, and a whole lot of headbanging ensued.

Since then I’ve kept a casual eye on the band over the years, which brings us to today, June 12, the year of our lord 2020, in which Tia Carrera have unveiled a brand new album, Tried and True, via Small Stone Records. And it brings me back, maaaaaaaan, ’cause this kind of music is timeless! Riffs, vibes, dynamics, fuzz, grooves… they’re a friggin’ psych and stoner rock band, ya know? None of these songs on their own are gonna bowl you over, but it’s the vibe that’ll pull you in… hazy. And they rip it in person, I promise — complete with a ton of improvisation — which I encourage you to find out for yourself once the world stops ending.

Have a listen to Tried and True below and order the album here.

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