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Howard Jones and Jared Dines Working on New Music That Sounds Like Jones-Era Killswitch Engage

  • Axl Rosenberg

If any metal band were ever going to somehow make it work with both a former and current singer, I would put money on it being Killswitch Engage. David Lee Roth is too much of a dick to work with Sammy Hagar, the possibility of a Bush/Belladonna Anthrax tour came and went years ago, Dio is dead and Sabbath are broken up anyway, and Chris Barnes is busy working hard to prove, I dunno, that vaccines are how George Soros makes you crave abortions or whatever.

But Killswitch Engage! They’ve had two frontmen, Jesse Leach and Howard Jones, who are both beloved by fans, have both come and gone from the fold once, and have both always remained on good terms with the band, even going so far as to make guest appearances on KSE albums when the other was currently fronting the group. Heck even still perform together! And not irregularly!! It just doesn’t seem that far-fetched to imagine a KSE featuring both Leach and Jones. There are enough Adam D. riff to go around.

As to whether or not that will ever actually happen… who knows. But if you’re hankerin’ for some new KSE with Jones on vox, this may be the next best thing: Internet supastah Jared Dines says he and Jones have seven songs that sound like HoJo-era Killswitch. It’s not clear if these songs are recorded or just written or what.

Says Dines:

“Who remembers ‘Howard Jones era’ Killswitch Engage?!
“Who wants to hear more music like that WITH THE MAN HIMSELF Howard Jones but also with …….. MYSELF?!

“..well shit, you might like these 7 songs we’re sitting on then! ;)”

Well, shit, we agree — we might like these seven songs! Hopefully the fact that Dines is openly teasing this means they’re gonna be released sooner rather than later. We’re also hopeful they dub the project “HoJa.”

Meanwhile, on top of that, we’re expecting to soon hear new music from Times of Grace, that project that is basically Killswitch Engage except only with Adam D. and Leach. So if they release something and HoJa release something, we could end up with two new faux-KSE albums in the not-too-distant future. I can imagine worse fates.


[via Metal Injection]

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