Sexual Misconduct Allegations Pile Up Against Another Homewrecker Member, Drummer Matt Izzi


One would have thought from the statement issued by Homewrecker earlier this week condemning the manipulative, predatory behavior of vocalist Matt Barnum that the rest of the band members were disgusted, oblivious and themselves far removed from any such actions. Sadly that would be a false assumption, as a number of accusations of similar conduct with women, many of them underage, have since piled up against the band’s drummer, Matt Izzi, who wrote that very statement.

The accusations have come to light via the Instagram account @survivingmattbarnum, which sprung up over the weekend and has served as a conduit for women to anonymously share their stories about Barnum… and now, Izzi, too.

As a result, Scorched have dropped Matt Izzi from their lineup. Crypt Rot, who are inactive at the moment, proactively dropped Izzi as well in the event they ever become active again.

A sampling of the recent accusations made against Izzi follow:

Scorched’s statement on Izzi’s dismissal:

“Until early this morning, not one member of this band has ever even had the slightest idea of the predatory acts of drummer Matt Izzi. We have a zero tolerance stance towards this type of behavior. Immediately effective, Matt Izzi is no longer a part of Scorched.”

Crypt Rot’s statement on the same:

“Even though we have not been active, we want to come out and say we will not and never have condoned the actions of members of homewrecker. If we ever continue, Matt Izzi will no longer be affiliated. We feel for all the victims of these actions.

“Joe DeDomenic, Ryan Sposito, Allie Dioneff”

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