Trapt, Buckcherry, Drowning Pool and More Set for Festival Without Masks or Social Distancing

  • Axl Rosenberg

It’s been five whole days since Wisconsin’s “Herd Immunity Fest” ended, and no one who attended the event has reported coming down with the coronavirus or sickness of any kind. Since we all know it only takes a few hours to start showing symptoms of the virus and that anyone not showing symptoms is 110% A-Okay, we can definitely, without doubt, call that festival a success. This being the case, we should start booking more major live events ASAP.

To that end, the brave, patriotic, city council of Sturgis, South Dakota has voted to go forward with the 80th annual Sturgis Buffalo Chip Rally, its yearly celebration of bison dung. The PRP reports that the event will include concerts from such illustrious, relevant acts as Smash Mouth, Adelitas Way, Buckcherry, Drowning Pool, Lit, Quiet Riot, Saving Abel, Night Ranger and, most importantly of all, Trapt, who could really use the money right now.

And because this is America, goddamnit, festival goers will not be required to wear masks or practice social distancing (although there are PPE guidelines for staff, local business owners, and vendors). That means you fans can mosh during Drowning Pool, sneeze all over one another while enjoying Night Ranger, and enjoy a full-on orgy to a soundtrack of Saving Abel, all with the full confidence that there will be no consequences.

It’s worth noting that South Dakota has been, to date, relatively unaffected by COVID-19; Meade County, in which Sturgis is located, has had a mere 59 confirmed cases and one death. Coronavirus cases in that area are on the rise, according to The New York Times, but only just barely.

In related news, did you guys know Lit was still a thing? Awesome!!!

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