Trapt’s Singer is Broke, Dodging Payments to Music Video Director


Many things can be said — and certainly have been in recent months — about Trapt vocalist/mastermind Chris Taylor Brown. That he’s a racist, Trump-loving, pro-cop chud, for example, and that he’s severely lacking in intelligence. You can now add deadbeat piece of shit to that list.

In a new post to the Chris Taylor Brown Facebook haterade group Trapt OFFICIAL Is a Joke (which uses our own Axl Rosenberg’s “Crapt” Photoshop job as its header image! thanks, dudes!), Travis Livingstone, who designed the cover artwork for Trapt’s two most recent albums and directed the lyric video for “Make it Out Alive,” a single from the band’s new album, alleges that Brown is attempting to “dodge payment” for a second lyric video. Livingstone claims Brown has told him that “his social media advertising agency accidentally, and conveniently, spent $4,000,” the exact price of the video, and that as a result he is currently unable to pay for work that has already begun. What’s more, Livingstone says Brown claims he only has $500 to his name until September. Livingstone plans to file a small claims suit against Brown next Monday.

Trapt’s Singer is Broke, Dodging Payments to Music Video Director

So much for the big financial windfall from all those Pandora streams, or those 600 first week copies (errr, excuse me, 4,500) of Trapt’s new album.

I almost feel bad dunking on the guy at this point… but man, fuck him.

You can check out Livingstone’s effects reel below and give him a follow on Instagram right here.

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