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Nickelback are Teasing Something!!


New MetalSucks favorites Nickelback are teasing something, and I can say with 100%, unironic enthusiasm that I am legit stoked. Even Devin Townsend has sung Chad Kroeger’s praises in recent times; isn’t that enough for all you internet neckbeards out there to legitimize the guy’s true genius?

Yesterday afternoon, Nickelback took to their social media accounts to tease the release of something this coming Friday, August 14. What could it be? New music? A 2021 tour announcement? A livestream concert? Only my new bro-ger, Chad Kroeger, knows.

There are any number of possibilities, although some astute ‘Backers have noted that the car and road which appear in the brief video teaser bears a resemblance to the one on the cover of the band’s 2005 album, All the Right Reasons. If that’s a true indicator of what’s to come and not a red herring or simply a coincidence, we could be looking at a reissue of that album, a sequel (the audio clip accompanying the video isn’t anything from that album), a nostalgia performance/tour… who knows!

Take a look:

We’ll find out Friday. Who’s as stoked as I am???

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