Enlarge Post Malone with Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett in 2018.

Video: Did You Know Post Malone Can Absolutely SHRED on Guitar?


That Post Malone has a metal past is well-known by now; the mega popular rapper was in a metalcore band called Ashley’s Arrival (video) before he became famous. He’s also displayed a penchant for staying in touch with the metal scene in recent times, palling around with the likes of Power Trip and Gatecreeper, name-checking Nekrogoblikon and, of course, released a massively successful single featuring Ozzy Osbourne last year.

But even I’m surprised to learn that the guy’s got some pretty serious guitar chops. I’m not sure why I expected otherwise — you just don’t usually see that from rappers, or really any kind of front-person who doesn’t also play an instrument — but I’m quite impressed by this new video of Posty working through Eric Johnson’s instrumental classic “Cliffs of Dover” (you’ll recognize it when you hear it) with well-above-average style and technique. I’d venture that plenty of guitarists in successful metal bands couldn’t play this tune as well. Well done, sir! Respect.

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