Metallica Share Pre-Show Tuning Room Footage From S&M²

  • Axl Rosenberg

A whole lotta you bought Metallica’s recently-released S&M², which captures the band’s performance with the San Francisco Symphony last September: the gosh-darnn thing sold 56,000 equivalent album units (i.e., physical sales + digital sales + equivalent digital streams) in its first week of release, beating out Katy Perry’s new album, I Seriously Had Legolas’ Baby, which is exciting because FUCKIN’ METAL, GRRRRR.

But maybe you’re still jonesin’ for even MOAR S&M²? Assuming this is the case, please enjoy the below 30+ video of the band jamming in their tuning room before each of the S&M² performances on September 6 and September 8 of 2019. My favorite part is Lars Ulrich wondering “How can you be that lonely with 16,000 people [in the audience]?”, which is, y’know, pretty telling about the celebrity mindset.

Meanwhile, Metallica have been using the quarantine to write new material, at least some of which they’re hoping to record soonish. They’ve also re-worked “Nothing Else Matters” with composer James Newton Howard for Disney’s Jungle Cruise movie with The Rock. That flick is currently scheduled for release on July 30, 2020.

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