Fear Factory Frontman Says He Isn’t Involved in Band’s GoFundMe Campaign


Because nothing with Fear Factory is ever easy, mere hours after the launch of a GoFundMe campaign to purportedly help the band finish their next record and cover legal fees incurred while fighting over the band’s name with former bandmates, frontman Burton Seaball has issued a statement saying that he is not involved with the crowdfunding effort in any way.

A week ago, we learned that Fear Factory are finally planning to release new music in 2021. Then, just two days ago, guitarist Dino Cazares revealed that the band “just need help financially to complete it.” When fans asked why FF weren’t raising those funds via a crowdfunding campaign, Cazares expressed hesitation resulting from the fact that so many people are financially hurting because of the coronavirus pandemic. In spite of that, this GoFundMe campaign appeared online last night.

Then, this afternoon, Seabell issued the following statement via his Instagram:

“Let me be clear. I am not part of, nor am I benefiting, from any GoFundMe Campaign.”

Cazares then chimed in on Twitter when a fan asked about the above, saying:

“He sang on the record he’s finished his parts. The donations is for live drums ,mixing and mastering plus keyboards the production team and performers need to get paid for there [sic] work. Burton definitely benefits from a great sounding record.”

Has Cazares implicitly admitted that he launched this campaign without Burton’s backing, or even his knowledge? If so, why the fuck would he do that? Especially given the fact he JUST wrapped up his legal issues, and Burton purportedly did the same. Can’t these guys get on the same page? The whole thing is baffling.

Although Seabell previously asserted that a new album was complete and turned into the label, the GoFundMe statement says that “We are currently in the post production stage and have yet to complete drums, mixing, mastering and finalizing artwork for a 2021 release.”

Rather than replace bassist Tony Campos, who has returned to Static-X, Cazares indicated he will handle bass duties for the album.

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