AC/DC Are Teasing… Something

  • Axl Rosenberg

Earlier today, AC/DC shared the following video on social media. There was no accompanying text.

Your guess as to what this means is as good as mine… but everyone is assuming that the Australian legends are teasing their new album.

This assumption is based on the fact that the surviving members of the band’s Back in Black line-up — guitarist Angus Young, vocalist Brian Johnson, bassist Cliff Williams, and drummer Phil Rudd (and possibly a posthumous appearance by the late Malcolm Young, Angus’ brother and co-guitarist) — have long been (credibly) rumored to be working on a follow-up to 2014’s Rock or Bust. Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider, who is buds with Johnson, said as much multiple times earlier this year. And recently, the band appears to have made an oopsie by sharing stills from a music video shoot on their website. So basically everyone knows AC/DC are releasing a new album even if AC/DC haven’t admitted as much yet.

The Rock or Bust promotional cycle turned out to be a rough one for the band: Rudd was unable to tour due to legal troubles in the band’s native country (he was replaced by Chris Slade). Malcolm, reportedly suffering from dementia, had to step down from touring, and died in 2017 at the age of 64 (he was replaced by his cousin, Stevie Young). Then Johnson was ordered by doctors to quit touring or suffer total hearing loss (he was replaced by Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose). And then Williams announced his own impending retirement.

In other words, AC/DC basically started to fall apart after Rock or Bust was released, and everyone kind of assumed it was the end for them. Fans would love to see the group get a proper farewell… so of course we’re all keeping our fingers crossed that there is gonna be at least one last record.

You’ll know more when we do…

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