Did Bring Me the Horizon Steal a Deftones Riff?


Bring Me the Horizon caught the ire of Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee last year for allegedly ripping off a song idea on their new album at the time, amo. That’s all in the past now — the two parties buried the hatchet and Lee appears on a track on BMTH’s new EP — but the Brits again find themselves under fire for allegedly stealing a riff, this time from Deftones.

The track in question is called “Dear Diary,” the bridge of which features a riff that closely resembles the main motify from “Swerve City” on Deftones 2012 album, Koi No Yokan. You can compare the two tracks below, with the relevant BMTH section starting around the 2:10 mark:

Previously, it was Bring Me’s song “Nihilist Blues” that allegedly ripped off Evanescene’s “Never Go Back.” To BMTH’s credit, as soon as the issue was brought to their attention they conceded the similarities and offered to cut Lee in with a songwriting credit. Speaking to NME, frontman Oli Sykes explained:

“The weird thing about Evanescence is that we got sued by them on our last record. On ‘Nihilist Blues’ we ripped off one of their verses. It was subconscious, but when it happened we were like, ‘We’re not even going to argue’.”

Sykes later clarified that no lawsuit was filed — the two bands’ managers worked out a deal before it came to that.

Will Sykes and co. once again concede that they subconsciously ripped off a riff, this time from Deftones, offering the same songwriting credit concession? We’ll see; so far neither party has commented.

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