Accept Release New Song, Launch Weird New Contest

  • Axl Rosenberg

Accept have released the title track from Too Mean to Die, their forthcoming sixteenth [cue Kevin McCallister] full-length studio album.

They’ve also unveiled the album art, which is ready to go on the side of your van now:

Accept Release New Song, Launch Weird New Contest

You may recall that when the band released the first single from Too Mean to Die, “The Undertaker,” they said they’d reveal the album art when once the track garnered 500,000 plays on Spotify. But they never hit that number, so I guess they just got tired of waiting.

Accept Release New Song, Launch Weird New Contest

So now the band is trying a bit harder to get those numbers up via a contest. Fans who help them hit various landmarks are entered to win “a Metal Work Out with Accept plus the fitting gym outfit.” The workout is teased via this TikTok video I can’t seem to embed, which stars the band’s third guitarist, Philip Shouse.

Accept Release New Song, Launch Weird New Contest

I totally get asking the fans to assist with increasing Accept’s streaming numbers… I don’t know why you’d care whether or not you got to hang out with the member of the band who just joined their ranks last year.

In any case, if you want to, you can enter the contest here.

Listen to “Too Mean to Die” below. Says guitarist mastermind Wolf Hoffmann of the song: 

“We decided to not let ourselves be overly influenced by current events. Fans will get a hard, direct and uncompromising metal album, but of course accompanied with a wink: we are too mean to die! Weeds do not go away! Accept do not let themselves get down!”

Too Mean to Die the album is out January 15.

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