Enlarge Baby Yoda as Slash = adorable.

Here’s a Mandalorian-Themed Guns N’ Roses Cover

  • Axl Rosenberg

YouTube’s algorithm totally gets me: it just recommended “Green Child O’ Mine,” a Guns N’ Roses cover/parody centered around Disney+’s The Mandalorian by The Merkins. It could only make me happier if it came with a free bag of weed.

Also, yeah, Baby Yoda as Slash = adorable. You think we’d all be sick of that little dude by now, but no. All I want in the world is a series based around him hanging out with Babu Frik.

You can watch the video below. As a bonus I’m gonna include MetalSucks’ own Baby Yoda-themed video, about the lil’ one’s love of grindcore, below that.

And while we’re on the subject of Star Wars and metal… did you know that MetalSucks sells Star Wars-themed metal shirts? It’s true! Buy one here. I’ve got four kids to feed and really appreciate your contribution.

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