Breaking: 66Samus Has Made Music Using Hundreds of Farts Sent in By His Fans


No man on the internet has the ability to make me laugh as hard as Samus “66Samus” Paulicelli, YouTuber, Decrepit Birth drummer, session musician, multi-instrumentalist and generally talented fella. His latest endeavor is no exception: last night I was cackling so damn much at his latest video that I had tears streaming down my face and started suffering shortness of breath so badly I had to go use my inhaler (not joking).

So: last month, Samus asked his fans to record their farts and email them to him to use for samples in a new keyboard he got. Samus received hundreds of entries — some folks sent several of their own, and one guy even sent 500 individual farts — and he has now assembled a video in which he tools around with those farts on his keyboard. And it. is. FUCKING. HILARIOUS. I was in stitches. “Some people are just really gifted for farting,” he muses in the video, “while others not so much.”

Of the nearly 19-minute long video, approximately ten of those minutes consist of Samus playing back individual user-submitted farts and reacting to them, which is pure, unadulterated fun (and at times disgusting, yes). That segment is preceded by a quick review of the keyboard itself and an explanation of the fart-sourcing concept, and it’s followed by Samus playing songs on the keyboard using fart samples, including staples like the Mario Bros. theme.

There’s a whole lot of farting in this video! And a lot of laughing. Farts are funny! Don’t ever let anyone try and convince you otherwise.

Watch below. Get the TP ready in case something slips.

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