Voyager Post “Severomance” Live Performance and Announce February Australian Tour


Year-end “best of” list season provides not only an opportunity to reflect and catch up on releases from the preceding 12 months, but to look back at years past. Which of your supposed “best” albums from 2018 are still in your regular or even semi-regular rotation? How about from 2017? 2015? 2010?

Surely you’ll find that while some have stuck with you, there are more that you’ve mostly forgotten about. Looking back at my own 2019 list, it’s certainly the case that there are more “oh yeah, that album was really good!”s than “of course, cranked that one recently”s. One firmly in the latter category is Voyager’s Colours in the Sun, which HOT DAMN, not only do I often feel compelled to jam it, but the songs have not gotten old to me in the slightest.

Voyager recently put on a livestream concert, and now they’ve shared the full performance of the Colours in the Sun track “Severomance” for all to see. What’s more, despite the limited window for which the whole performance was initially available to view, the band have opened it up for viewing on a “pay what you want” basis at voyager.veeps.com. How swell of them! If you’re a fan of this band at all, I highly recommend you throw a few bucks their way and watch the show; I checked it out when it was live the first time and couldn’t tear my eyes away (likely the closest I’ll ever come to actually seeing them live).

What’s more, the band has announced a tour of their native Australia in February. That’s right, a real, live, actual in-person tour! Australia has done a remarkable job containing the Covid-19 outbreak, with only 8 new cases reported yesterday (they’ve had 27,912 confirmed cases and 908 deaths since the outbreak began, according to the W.H.O.). Let this be an example of what’s possible when countries have functioning leaders and people actually follow rules.

Here are those dates:

12 Feb 21 Perth (AU) Badlands
13 Feb 21 Brisbane (AU) The Zoo
19 Feb 21 Adelaide (AU) Jive
20 Feb 21 Melbourne (AU) Stay Gold
26 Feb 21 Sydney (AU) Crowbar
27 Feb 21 Canberra (AU) The Basement

Have a look at roughly what fans can expect from those dates in the livestream performance of “Severomance” below.

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