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New Eyehategod Album Coming in March; First Single Streaming Now


100% true story: someone just rang my doorbell at the precise moment I started to blast Eyehategod’s new song, “High Risk Trigger,” and by the time I walked through my hallway and got to the door, they were gone. I think Eyehategod scared away Mormons or something. THANKS, EYEHATEGOD!

Incidentally, not only will the song frighten squares, but it friggin’ rocks. It’s so sludgy and muggy and evil it reminds me of my grandmother’s oatmeal.

“High Risk Trigger” is the first single from A History of Nomadic Behavior, Eyehategod’s just-announced new album. It’ll be their first new album in 2014’s self-titled release and their album since their 1990 debut, In the Name of Suffering, not to include guitarist Brian Patton (Soilent Green), who left the group in 2018 to focus on being a papa.

So it’s kind of extra-reassuring that “Trigger” is so darn good; if you were all worried that Eyehategod may have lost their mojo, you can relax now.

Listen to “High Risk Trigger” below. A History of Nomadic Behavior will be released on March 12 via Century Media*. You can pre-order it here. The track list is as follows:

  1. “Built Beneath the Lies”
  2. “The Outer Banks”
  3. “Fake What’s Yours”
  4. “Three Black Eyes”
  5. “Current Situation”
  6. “High Risk Trigger”
  7. “Anemic Robotic”
  8. “The Day Felt Wrong”
  9. “The Trial of Johnny Cancer”
  10. “Smoker’s Place”
  11. “Circle of Nerves”
  12. “Every Thing, Every Day”
New Eyehategod Album Coming in March; First Single Streaming Now
A History of Nomadic Behavior album cover, artwork by Gary Mader and Mike IX Williams

*I guess today is the day bands whose name starts with the letter “e” announce March release dates. Who will be next? Every Time I Die? Extreme? Exmortus? Step right up, place your bets!

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